Aclu s arguments in the article aclu

It's an FOIA lawsuit, with the ACLU seeking drone documents and being told -- in so many black bars -- that this publicly-acknowledged program is too secret to disclose. The ACLU goes into this battle fighting blind: In Augustthe government blacked out a court ruling against government secrecy yes, reallyhiding from the public its reasons for why the ruling should remain secret.

Aclu s arguments in the article aclu

Illustration by James Heimer On January 27,President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.


The broad language of the decree included those with valid visas, refugees who had been cleared for entry, and even green card holders. The ACLU was at the ready with legal arguments against such a move and, together with its allies, immediately mobilized a challenge.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans flocked to major airports across the country to protest the ban and to demand the release of hundreds of detained travelers. It was the first successful challenge of a Trump executive order and the fulfillment of a promise the ACLU made two days after Trump was elected: His actions validated an unprecedented outpouring of support following his election for the ACLU and its nonpartisan mission to defend civil liberties and uphold the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in every town, city, and state in America.

Since Trump was elected, our membership has quadrupled to 1.

Aclu s arguments in the article aclu

While we cannot claim to have predicted—or frankly even imagined—a Trump presidency, we came on board more than 15 years ago knowing that the ACLU needed a plan for smart and strategic growth in order to confront the inevitable civil liberties crises ahead.

Mitchell Palmer began rounding up and deporting so-called radicals. Thousands, including some US citizens, were arrested without warrants and brutally treated—and more than foreigners were deported for suspected political leanings and activism.

In the face of these egregious civil liberties abuses, a small group of lawyers and activists decided to take a stand, and the America Civil Liberties Union was born.

We stand for these rights even when the cause is unpopular, and sometimes when nobody else will, for it is during times of popular fervor that civil liberties are most at risk. While not in agreement with us on every issue, Americans have come to count on the ACLU for its unyielding dedication to principle.

As the organization approached its first decade infounder Roger Baldwin issued a call to action: They are the vehicles through which we obtain clients for our cases and achieve legal victories. They also serve as the flash points where many civil liberties battles are first fought and opportunities are revealed.

Each office grew at an organic rate toward an equilibrium point, in which its capacity equaled the fundraising level within the specific affiliate.

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Within this dynamic we saw an opportunity: If the level of funding was raised, we could raise the level of activity.

Before he accepted the position, he embarked on a series of consultations with a broad range of people inside and outside the organization, in the United States and abroad, including many ACLU affiliates.

In their wake, the plan became even more urgent. A key element of this vision was to grow affiliates across the nation. The effort started with the creation of a new entity within the organization, the Affiliate Support Department ASDand a new leader, co-author Geri Rozanski, who came on board in ASD would partner with affiliates to grow not only legal, legislative, and public education programs, but also fundraising and operational capacity that would enable affiliates to reach a new equilibrium.

Understanding the Affiliates Prior to the establishment of the ASD 15 years ago, there was no national ACLU staff member whose full-time responsibility was to provide affiliates with technical support or guidance. A national board, with representatives from the affiliates, determines program policy.The ACLU, in its arguments, criticizes the efforts as a deportation “trap” that violates the constitutional rights of immigrants otherwise following the rules to become legal residents.

Oct 24,  · In another case, the ACLU threatened to sue Dignity Health's Mercy Medical Center Redding (Calif.) for denying Rachel Miller's request for tubal ligation at the time of her C-section.

The ACLU — a change of heart … or cowardice?

The ACLU also sued Indiana years ago over the immigration control law, claiming that it’s discriminatory, unconstitutional and unlawfully interferes with federal power and authority over.

Robinson found Kobach’s arguments unpersuasive and repeatedly chastised him for breaking court procedure. the ACLU questions Kobach about whether he lobbied Trump on supporting the proposed. The ACLU wants a federal judge to let it join Microsoft in suing the U.S.

government over the use of gag orders that prevent the technology firm from telling customers their data has been demanded.

But Alex Abdo, another ACLU lawyer, argued that the mere fact that the organization’s records were collected on a sustained basis is an invasion of privacy under the Fourth Amendment.

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