An analysis of the character melvin udall in as good as it gets

He slowly realizes he is falling in love with a waitress, named Carol Connelly, played by Helen Hunt, who works at the diner Melvin goes to every morning for breakfast.

An analysis of the character melvin udall in as good as it gets

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Schofield, and Kristi Zea Screenwriters: Mark Andrus and James L. R Year of Release: He is a misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic racist with an intense dislike of people and dogs. All the neighbors in his Greenwich Village apartment building avoid him.

His psychotherapist diagnosed Melvin with OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder because he avoids stepping on sidewalk cracks and touching other people, wears gloves all the time, wipes off door handles, eats at the same restaurant every day, sits at the same table, insists on the same waitress, Carol, and always orders the same meal.

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Suddenly, Melvin's life takes a turn. His artist gay neighbor, Simon, is beaten up by a group of robbers. Simon's art dealer, Frank, forces Melvin to care for Simon's dog during his owner's recovery.

Soon Melvin encounters another challenge, because his waitress is not at her job one day when her son is sick. He expresses his frustration, and is finally thrown out of the restaurant, followed by applause from the regulars.

Melvin finds out where Carol lives and visits her. He offers to pay a doctor to care for the sick son if she promises to wait on him again. Gradually, Melvin discovers his love for Carol and the little dog in his care.

After coming to terms with his own failings, he starts to experience and demonstrate compassion. Of course, he does not change overnight, and there are times when the old Melvin Udall rears his ugly head, leading to many plot complications. At one point, Carol and Melvin have a date at a fancy restaurant, only to discover that Melvin needs to purchase a coat and tie to meet the dress code.

Challenged by these demands on him, he insults Carol, saying that she is wearing a housedress. She gets furious and demands a sincere compliment, or she will leave the restaurant.

With anguish and many disclaimers, Melvin finally states that because of his affection for her, he decided to take medication for his OCD. When Carol wants to know why that is a compliment, he says that being with her makes him want to be a better man.

When Carol responds very positively and affectionately, he tries to take it back by saying that he "overshot the mark".

An analysis of the character melvin udall in as good as it gets

Obsessions are defined as "persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate and that cause marked anxiety or distress" Criterion A.

These experiences are more intrusive than excessive worries about real-life problems, and they are unlikely to be related to these kinds of problems. Persons who suffer from OCD try to ignore, suppress or neutralize their obsessions with some other thought or action Criterion A.

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Melvin Udall has repetitive thoughts about germs and diseases Criterion A.Character and Scene Analysis for Melvin Udall in As Good As essaysCharacter and Scene Analysis for Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets Melvin is the ever popular cranky, old man that is constantly seen in numerous movies, plays and books.

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Melvin Udall has repetitive thoughts about germs and diseases (Criterion A.1 and 2). Even though the portrayal of OCD seems realistic in most parts of this movie, it would be unlikely for clients to handle a dog when they have an obsession about cleanliness as severe as this character.

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-Melvin Udall In As Good as it Gets, Jack Nicholson portrays Melvin Udall, a misanthropic, yet eccentric, author with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Throughout the film, Melvin engages in ritualistic behaviors (i.e., compulsions) that disrupt his interpersonal and professional life.

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