Aviation safety term papers

Term Paper on Aviation: Aviation is the theory and practice of the flight in the atmosphere of Earth and other related with this process activities.

Aviation safety term papers

It also explains, in brief, some of the disaster management techniques required in any organization to prevent accidents and eventual loss of life. The paper also gives the general rules and regulation on boarding a plane and the safety measures required in case an accident occurs.

The paper also focuses on ways which British Airways is undertaking to prevent and secure itself from disasters on the airline industry despite the growing cases of disaster outbreak.

British Airways Aviation Safety Introduction These are the general airline safety tips which must be adhered with whenever one is taking the flight to any part of the world. Therefore our main focus is to understand how the British Airways maintain their safety and security measures on the airlines airsafe.

Aviation safety term papers

The company received stiff competition forcing the parliamentary committee of the United Kingdom to propose the nationalization and merger of Imperial and British Airways. British Airways is the largest airline in the world and is based at Heathrow Airport in London.

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The airline company serves 95 million passengers a year using airports in 86 countries and more than 1, planes. British Airways first Concorde was introduced in ; it was manufactured by both British aeroscope and the French firm Aerospatiale.

The supersonic Concorde is capable of carrying passengers at a speed of 1, miles per hour at an altitude of 55, feet. This reduced the time for the flight from New York to London by half. In the early 70s, CAA was very restrictive to the rules which were governing it, but it gradually became more flexible in the 80s.

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Thus, by the yearthey allowed licensing of many other competing services with the same company of British Airlines even though it was at the risk of destroying the existing British service. After the restrictions were removed, entering to UK domestic airline market has been free except for some services at the Heathrow Airport.

Problem Statement These important challenges affect sustaining of the profitability of airline companies. Majority of airlines around the world are encountering a growing wave of liberalization that has created room for stiff competition from the new low-cost airlines and restructured carriers.

Due to the fast growth of the global airline industry and the continued threat from terrorist attacks, it has created security and safety disorder to the passengers. Therefore, theirs is a great need to expand on aviation infrastructure of both airports and air traffic control, for particularly the emerging companies.

Objectives Main Objective The main objective is to establish the British Airways safety measures to its customers and its own staff within itself and further to its customers prior to taking a flight. It is also how the technical and other staffs are imparted with the knowledge on the organizational safety and further to determine their technical preparedness to handle disasters.

This will be in regards to the emerging disasters and how they mitigate and further this review will discuss more on the general disaster management on aviation industries.

In-house safety measures The following safety measures are required for a safer air flight for anybody who is taking a flight. Many people inquire about the airline company first before booking for the ticket to be sure of the security of himself.

Thus, a ranking of airlines per passenger flown does not give assurance about the safety of the airline. Rather, from the statistics for accident relating cases for an airline is a guarantee for safety.

The other factors could include the environment an airline operates whether mountainous terrain or frequent storms and airport security cases of hijacking or bombing attempts. According to the Great Britain Parliament, House of Commons, transport committee, it states that the British Airways requires to put more effort for them to secure steadiness and synchronization of aviation security measures with major overseas partners especially the US.

They, therefore, recommended that there must be a focus on ensuring the basics are correct and must meet the emerging threats and risks that is appropriate, rather than concentrating on existing problems by means of using expensive additional measures which lack effectiveness due to their difficulty and lack of credibility.

However, the possibility of an accident is always present and airlines are expected to be in a constant state of readiness Hendersonp. Furthermore, the company has a modern air traffic control technology and also quick emergency planning and quality cabin safety.

The company employees qualified staffs that are selected through a rigorous International Aviation standard which one must show competence of the required skills.

The following rules and regulations must be followed to the latter by flight passenger to ensure personal security. This is complemented on-board through video and audio presentations and by some form of guidance in the flight magazine called High Life.

The website also advises customers on their queries about their fitness to contact the British Airways Passenger Medical Clearance Unit before the departure time and for those with special needs to contact the reservation team with full contact details.Aviation/ The Role Of The Ntsb In Safety term paper Aviation term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on Aviation posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only.

Aviation Regulators Aviation safety is a term encompassing the theory, investigation, and categorization of flight failures, and the prevention of such failures through regulation, education, and .

This paper stipulates out how the British Airways company instills its safety and security measures to its customers and also its staff. It also explains, in brief, some of the disaster management techniques required in any organization to prevent accidents and eventual loss of life.

Aerospace Safety Systems. Aviation safety is a terminology used to refer to speculate, scrutinize and specify flight hazards.

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It also incorporates an array of preventive measures by way of manipulating, instructing and guiding initiatives to combat air travel perils. Excerpt from Term Paper: Airline Deregulation on Aviation Safety This paper looks at the deregulation and the impacts it has had on the aviation industry.

Aviation Advocacy Organizations. benjaminpohle.com Created by an air traveler who was stuck on a plane and decided to do something about it, online and in Congress.; Inflight Passenger Communications Coalition This group was organized "to better inform the traveling public of new communications technologies that safely enable voice and data .

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