Biochem lab report kinetics

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Biochem lab report kinetics

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Sutherlandia moreover, contains significant concentrations of canavanine, an analogue of a conditionally essential amino acid, which in ill and or protein deficient individuals, erroneously enfolds into their proteins, only to have these tissues, even entire organs and or systems, eventually rejected and attacked by their own immune system.

Canavanine moreover, is distinctively immunosuppressive of critical cellular immune responses against cancer cells and infectious organisms, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths and fungi. Sutherlandia is therefore potentially an extremely dangerous substance and ought not to be fraudulently sold as a safe and efficacious panacea.

No details were provided other than the standard epithets: Simultaneously, several unfounded allegations were made against the author, including allegations of "attacks", "launched maliciously" and "with ulterior motive" and "without any factual foundation", serious charges indeed, opening the client PND to burn their own fingers in a specific counter-action, iro which I reserve my rights.

Additionally, a specific request to Phyto Nova that they remove serious unfounded libellous and defamatory statements the subject of the third document below, including absurd accusations of "white extremism" from their website, has not been acceded to.

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Furthermore, the lawyers Smit Kruger Incin order to determine the author's address to serve their demand, stooped to unlawfully misrepresenting themselves telephonically as investigating officers requiring these details in order to take a statement to investigate a charge of fraud against the author, thereby insensitively subjecting the author's family to unnecessary psychological trauma.

This report remains unchanged without need to defend it in the high court, since Phyto Nova were too chicken follow-up on my acceptance of their challenge and so test my contentions and draw legal attention to their scam indeed has even been expanded and now runs into several subsequent parts.

In August I brought about the following changes to this first report: As of early August, no further action had been forthcoming from Phyto Nova, who had also not removed the hate racist remarks against this author on their website, nor supplied their scheduled further rebuttal announced to Druginfo on 7 May.

I added 9 additional paragraphs to the end of the main report, starting with the subtitle "sub-Saharan Lupus and AIDS" and dealing with the relationship between Canavanine, Lupus and AIDS, in a theme started in three prior revised paragraphs, starting with the subtitle "Canavanine-rich Sutherlandia: This information is extracted from a posting on Druginfo on Mon, 29 Jul and titled: The callous businessmen making these unsubstantiated and in several respects and on several grounds, unlawful claims, as well as the reporters and vendors trustingly repeating them, are socially and criminally irresponsible in the extreme.

The company making these self-serving claims is Phyto Nova Development and its members, Nigel Gericke, Carl Albrecht, Ben-Erik van Wyk and Bani Isaac Mayeng, have used taxpayer's money allocated to the Rand Afrikaans University and universities of Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Western Cape, to advantage themselves and prejudice all traditional healers in a private money-making scam.

The hype rides on the back of a masters thesis by a student of professor Albrecht at the University of Stellenbosch and later, chemical analysis of the plant by van Wyk at RAU, which revealed two abundant chemicals: Canavanine and Pinitol plus some GABAwhich former two had previously been patented as medicinal agents.

Sutherlandia is by no means the only source of these identified secondary metabolites having no essential role in the plant's primary metabolism, but having defensive roles against herbivorous predation. Several legumes, often the whole plant, but in particular the seeds, contain the known toxic chemical canavanine, the most notorious being the jack bean Canavaliabut even alfalfa sprouts have been implicated in significant human toxicity.

Pinitol on the other hand, is a relatively innocuous chemical, present in many foods, including soya, chickpeas, alfalfa and clover, and commercially extracted from Bougainvillea, pine, redwood and jojoba seed meal.

Stripped of its pretence at exclusivity bar for one doubtful novel molecule - most plants have several and seriously limited by the relative concentrations of the toxic canavanine constituent, Sutherlandia is devoid of any safe long-term benefit, since eventually, even at minimal therapeutic doses, cumulative delayed immunotoxicity will predominate over any early antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, leading to serious disease states, as the arginine analog increasingly enfolds into the victims protein and their immune systems eventually turn on themselves.

Of concern is that the old trick of terminating safety studies at just that toxic juncture, is likely. Dosage is likely to be either too high for safety, or too low for sustained beneficial effect, either too risky or useless.

The placebo effect is also likely to be high, given the type of person likely to resort to using such products. The media have reported that the South African Medical Research Council is to conduct safety and partial efficacy trials with Sutherlandia.

Gilbert Matsabisa, a UCT doctor involved in Folb's ethnopiracy Tramed project now the SA Traditional Medicines Research Unit and a long-time associate of Phyto Nova members Gericke and Mayeng, was recently appointed MRC manager of Indigenous Knowledge Systems Initiative and is using his influence to spend taxpayer's funds to conduct studies that clearly should have been funded by Phyto Nova themselves, well prior to marketing their products.

Mayeng, who was and is in a strong position to use his influence at the MCC and Department of Health to turn a blind eye to illegal activities and to gain approval for formal clinical trials, was recently "shifted" due to my sustained protests.

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Credo Mutwa, a respected traditional healer, was tricked into promoting Sutherlandia. Bioharmony, a shady operation peddling several questionable medicines and involved in several scandals over non-credentialed staff posing as registered practitioners, is the local health shop distributor.

Biochem lab report kinetics

Discom stores will retail products of further questionable quality made by Impilo Drugs, to the lower income buyers at greatest risk of toxicity. Vitalink will peddle the products via its internet online health store.UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ON CHEMICAL SAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH CRITERIA Aluminium This report contains the collective views of an international group of experts and does not necessarily represent the decisions or the stated policy of .

This report describes the development of a method that enables a rapid (less than 20 s), quantitative, and irreversible reduction and inactivation of disulfide-containing proteins at room temperature (20 to 25 °C).The formula comprises the ingredients of optimized concentrations of denaturant, reductant, and hydroxide ion.

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