Cj 120 notes

What point do fingerprints need to be damaged down to in order to form a scar? Fingers need to be cut down to the dermis layer, otherwise it will grow back. These scars are individualizing characteristics.

Cj 120 notes

These modifications are a lot more money and time. They will also change the car substantially. There's always a trade off for reliability and high horsepower and high performance.

Most will also cause you to not meet EPA reg's or pass inspection depending on your state of course. Taking this step requires a lot more planning than the previous pages.

This page has upgrades that pretty much require to work together with other upgrades or additional systems to be installed. Many of these require supporting modifications. Larger Injectors Now that you've pretty much squeezed the most out of the bolts ons and efficiency mods, if you want more power you've got to burn more fuel.

Cj 120 notes

Fuel produces the power. So you want to put more of it into your engine. You don't want to go too small for your expected goals but you also don't want to toss in huge injectors if that is not matching up with your turbos or your performance plans and goals.

But this must be decided because the car will have to be tuned for them. Usually this is done on a dyno which is the most accurate and professional way to do it.

Cj 120 notes

There are several brands out there and varying prices. Personally I recommend Injector Dynamics brand. They are more expensive than the others but they tune up quicker and nicer than any other injector around. They are also high impedance so you will want to remove your injector resistor pack under your hood too.

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Or you can go with a set of RC or other brand too. It's up to you but in my opinion the Injector Dynamic brand gives the best results and are nice and stable and the battery offset tables are dead on which can't be said for the others.

Be wary of used injectors unless you trust the seller. Even then you might want to send them in to get cleaned and checked before using them if they are not brand new. The problem is - to control it properly You cannot just put more gasoline into the engine and call it a day.

Your stock ECU is expecting cc injectors. That is what it bases all of it's calculations on.

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So when you put in larger injectors you must add something to control them properly.These are the newest rockers available from GR for Jeeps! GenRight Off Road has designed a "Mini Boat Side" Rocker Guards offer over 1" more ground clearance than a conventional rocker guard (rock slider) right at the outside corner where they always hit obstacles.

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