College athlete compensation

This is a highly debated situation in the NCAA right now. With all the money that colleges bring in from their athletics, should some of that money be going back to the athletes that fill the seats. What are your thoughts on College Athletes getting paid? This agreement, however, is in no way clear-cut and can in many ways allow a student-athlete benefits that are not offered to another college student.

College athlete compensation

Writing an essay is an exercise in logic.

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Your goal, as a writer, is to persuade someone to share your opinion, but there are specific ways of doing this. The first persuasive device is to back up your arguments with facts A good thesis statement would be on a topic that you care about and also one that you can see both sides to the story, even if you much prefer one side to another.

The first persuasive device is to back up your arguments with facts. So, you would want a thesis statement related to something you have facts about. For example, if you are concerned with money and college athletics, you would want to make sure you have facts about this.

Likewise, if you are concerned with coaching practices or academics for college athletes, then you would want to have those facts. For example, you could argue that it is important for college athletes to do well academically. Some facts you could employ would be: Not every college athlete makes it professionally, which means that many athletes need to prepare for a career in something else.

You could even look up statistics to this effect. Injuries cut athletic careers short, even among those who become professional. Again, you can back this up with statistics. The second way to be persuasive is to take an argument from the other side and refute it.

You might consider the perspectives of people who think college athletes do not have to be good students. They might say that academic work takes away from a focus on doing well in a sport. After you reflect on that perspective in your essay, then you write something that argues against it.

What to know about student-athlete compensation

An example would be that college athletics take place in the context of higher education and therefore education needs to be a part of what college athletes do. Whatever thesis you select, make sure you can use facts and refutation to support your opinion so your essay will truly be persuasive.Athletic departments pay another price if they shift from scholarships to salaries.

When player compensation was in the form of a grant in aid, an athletics department could rely on the university financial aid to transfer a Pell Grant worth up to about $5, per year to a player’s package if the student athlete had demonstrated financial need.

compensation, unionization and wages. Athletic scholarships, however, have represented a form of pay-for-play that has avoided unionization, workers’ compensation and wages for college athletes. The burden that is lifted off of an athlete’s family when college tuition becomes an issue of the past is something that most people can only dream of.

Tuition alone ought to be enough to put an end to speculation of athletic compensation but in case it doesn’t, there is more. Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Collegiate sports are big money makers, at least that’s what most people think, right?

The truth is, the only collegiate sports that really make anything for the colleges are football and basketball, and only the top championship teams really bring in .

College athlete compensation

The phrase “student-athlete” was a legal fiction concocted in the s to avoid paying worker’s compensation to the widow of a football player who died on the field. Should college athletes be paid? Let’s take a quick glance at the pros and cons of each perspective.

By the way, there’s a part two to this Should College Athletes be Paid series.. For starters, in my opinion, yes, college athletes should get paid.

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