Cvdp success story

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Cvdp success story

The main objective of AARDO is to act as a catalyst in the Afro-Asian region for promoting economic and social changes among its member countries and accelerate the pace of their rural development in particular.

Micro-credit as a system of financing the poor emerged as an alternative approach to the conventional credit system in literature and practices through introducing collateral free, small amount of credit support to the poor.

Generally, capital is considered as one of the factors of production and credit is one of the means of capital formation. Yet, it is also a tool of generating self-employment.

But unfortunately most of the people in the rural areas, where the scope of formal employment opportunities is negligible, were bypassed by the formal credit sector. As a result, the poor had either to depend on the village moneylenders or to go without.

Micro-credit has proved that the poor are bankable, and gradually, credit has been recognized as one of the right of the people. Bangladesh is the country where the seedbed of micro credit was prepared, experimented, nourished and flourished with a recognized system to serve the poor.

Research findings show that micro credit is not only linked with income generating activities at household level, it has positive contribution towards the field of Cvdp success story development especially the empowerment of women and human development through increased access to health and education.

The transformation process of household welfare by micro credit has several facets. Income Generating Activities IGAs help to increase household income; formation of savings habits helps to acquire assets and adopt positive mechanism of crisis mitigation; bindings of repaying weekly installments force people to be employed in more productive sectors etc.

Muhammad Younus and Grameen Bank articulated that lasting peace could not be achieved unless large population groups found ways to break out of poverty.

Micro credit is one of such means. International accreditation of micro credit also recognizes the role of micro credit in poverty alleviation.

Good Governance has become a cross cutting issue for most developing countries. In the recent years, the issue of good governance has raised the concern to be more responsive to the felt needs of the people, particularly the poorer and weaker section of population.

As a result many developing countries have been embracing rapid development that have been consequential to the decentralized and participatory approaches of good governance.

The specific objectives of the training workshop were a discuss the concepts and dimensions of rural development, microcredit operations and the linkages between micro credit and poverty reduction; b exchange the basic concepts of good governance, local governance and its relationship with the Millennium Development Goals MDGs and Poverty Reduction Strategy PRS ; c share experiences of poverty reduction programmes, micro credit operation and good governance with special emphasis on rural development efforts of different AARDO member countries; and d develop strategies of pro-poor micro credit management and good governance for serving the people.

I hope that the workshop report will prove to be useful to the policy makers, researchers, investors and other stake-holders in Afro-Asian region and elsewhere as it contains useful information on micro-credit and good governance for rural development of Bangladesh as well as that of the participating countries.

Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and would be considered in future AARDO activities. Needless to mention here that he was the guiding spirit behind the workshop. The Organization wishes to acknowledge with sincere thanks the noteworthy contribution of all BARD faculty members, especially Mr.

S J Anwar Zahid, Dr.


Milan Kanti Bhattacharje, Mr. The organization is also thankful to the all guest speakers for sharing their rich experiences and expertise with the participants. AARDO wishes to convey its sincere thanks to the esteemed government of the participating member countries, namely, Bangladesh, R O China, India, Oman, Lebanon and Syrian Arab Republic for sparing the services of their senior officials to participate in this programme.

Thanks are due to the participants for preparing comprehensive country papers highlighting the micro credit delivery system and good governance in rural development of their respective countries.

Cvdp success story

Last, but not least, the Organization also gratefully wishes to acknowledge the cooperation of all those who worked behind the scenes to make this regional workshop cum training programme a great success.

Giving a brief introduction about the activities of the Organization, he mentioned that AARDO, established inis an intergovernmental organization in the field of agricultural and rural development.

Its main objective is to act as a catalyst and provide a forum for the member countries to jointly discuss their problems, exchange views, experiences and information in the field of agriculture and rural development.

Cvdp success story

AARDO organizes training programmes, workshops, seminars; study visits both at international and regional level.

In addition, AARDO provides financial assistance for various aspects of development under its pilot project scheme. Finally, he hoped that the workshop cum training programme would create an opportunity of sharing experiences among the participants and they would be benefited from the rich experiences of Bangladesh.

Welcoming the participants of the workshop, Dr S J Anwar Zahid, Director TrainingBARD highlighted the important role being played by the Academy in developing human resource through organizing training programmes for civil servants, government and non-government officials, grass-roots leaders and functionaries of local government since its establishment.

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