Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

Civil Rights in the Middle East Hello Dear readers I received an invitation from the American Islamic congress, to share in an interesting contest. This essay contest takes its title from a poem by Langston Hughes:

Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

March 31, Number Of Awards: To participate, all you have to do is write a brief essaywords addressing one of the questions below.

Answer one of the following questions: Why should Americans help civil rights reformers in the Middle East? Consider the role outsiders played in the South during the American civil rights movement. That means no income, no business, no education, no job, and no life. It is a very brave man or woman indeed who bucks the trend.

How can you as an individual support the struggle for civil rights in the Middle East? Without waiting for the government to act, consider how you can leverage your freedom to challenge repression by dictators. Reflect on recent technological advances that empower individuals, as well as recent grassroots organizing by people your age across the Middle East.

Propose a specific campaign young Americans could lead to help defend civil rights in the Middle East. What might the future look like if Americans partner effectively with Middle Eastern reformers?

Envision a focused movement and describe it in action: What are its slogan, symbols, and campaigns? What individual rights has it secured? If you like, write a newspaper article from the year reporting on the accomplishments of this new civil rights alliance.

Submissions must be done online. No application is required.The History of Winthrop Massachusetts by William H. Clark. Winthrop Centennial Committee Winthrop, Massachusetts Note: THE author desires to express appreciation for the kindness of many people who have cooperated in preparing this history.

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The Dream Deferred Essay Contest was inspired by a Langston Hughes poem, What happens to a dream deferred?

Dream deferred essay contest civil rights middle east amount $2000

Just as the Langston Hughes poem helped inspire the civil rights movement, the contest sponsors feel that essay contest will also be regarded as an opportunity for American and Middle Eastern youth to unite over the issue of advancing civil liberties in the Middle East.

The essay contest asks young people aged 25 and under to consider the importance of individual rights, the potential for non-violent reform, and ways people can contribute on the grassroots level to the region's nascent civil rights movement.

Essays should be at least words, but no longer than 1, words. CAIRO: Egyptian and Middle Eastern contestants claimed the top prizes in the Dream Deferred essay contest on civil rights in the Middle East.

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