Epic heroes archetypes throughout history

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Epic heroes archetypes throughout history

By combining elevated language with war, betrayal, romance, adventure, and a whole lot of reflection, these twenty lengthy tomes have captured the essence of whole peoples in single albeit gigantic works, ranging from semi-fictional accounts of war to satirical mockeries of misguided heroism.

Epic poetry—or heroic poetry, as some of the medieval poets have called it—follows a certain time-tested formula to portray such grand representations of heroes and their followers.

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Here are a few recurring patterns to keep in mind when considering these texts: The invocation of a muse. These poets plea to the gods at the very beginning to grant them the power to tell these stories with a certain forcefulness, though some admittedly pretend to do so to claim they are divinely empowered.

Epic heroes archetypes throughout history

There are many journeys into the underworld. There are grand battle-scenes punctuated by extended similes, ambitious analogies that stretch the imagination but strive for literary glory. Many will feature the might of armies in long digressions featuring weaponry and war games.

Epic heroes archetypes throughout history

Here is a list of 20 of the greatest Epic poems in the tradition: Based on the actual Assyrian king, Gilgamesh confronts many of the themes that Homer will tackle in his epic poetry: Sparked by the taking of Helen from Sparta, the Greeks, lead by Achilles, advance towards Troy to destroy their adversary.

As the basis for countless works that have followed it, many of the narrative and poetic devices employed in the poem have gone on to influence what we now consider to be Western Literature. The Mahabharata BCE The great Indian epic is one of the longest pieces of literature of all time, but its exhausting length has not stopped it from being a pivotal literary text in the formation of Hindu identity.

Narrated by the sage Vyasa, theline poem follows a human incarnation of the god Vishnu as two dynasties fight for supremacy in the mythical Elephant City.

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Not only does the poem itself contain another seminal Hindu text, The Bhagavad Gita, but its panoramic view of everything from spirituality to morality have had an impact on Indian society for thousands of years. After he abandons her, he travels to Italy to ward off enemies and found Rome.

Written in epic dactylic hexameter six long syllables staggered by shorter onesthe poem is less of a confirmation of myth as much as a retelling of it. Some of the selections include the story of Pygmalion—the sculptor who falls in love with his statue, as well as the unforgettable transformation of Daphne into a tree while escaping a malicious suitor.

It sought to deflate the hifalutin air surrounding myth while also educating the public.

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Firdawsi — The Shahnameh 11th century One thing that the great Iranian epic has in common with the ancients is a sense of nostalgia from a lost past. Also known as The Book of Kings, The Shahnameh looks back at the old Zoroastrian traditions in the country while chronicling the entire history of the Persian Empire from its Eurasian reign to its demise in the Muslim conquests of the 7th century.

While this may seem more historical than poetic, Firdawsi drives the work forward by including vivid accounts of political intrigue and betrayal. Purportedly the strongest man that ever lived, Beowulf is hired by Hrothgar to protect his domain from a grotesque swamp creature, Grendel.Anti-Heroes can easily slip into the territory of Mercenaries, Sociopaths or other negative archetypes if not monitored correctly - while all anti-heroes have flaws they should also have traits that make them likeable to other characters or the audience.

The Hero Archetype The hero is an archetypal figure recorded in literature and other art forms throughout history in cultures from all around the world.


Some of these figures take fantastic journeys that test their heroic strengths and worth. The purpose of this blog is to analyze heroes and the archetypes of heroes throughout history. That includes heroes from the past and the present. Over the course of this semester I hope to develop an understanding of what it means to be a hero and to analyze heroes and what they do.

Throughout modern history, the four generational archetypes have followed one another in a recurring cycle (for more information, see Historical Generations and Turnings).

Many scholars have in fact noticed similar fourfold cycles personality types over the centuries, from classical literature (The Old Testament, Homer, Polybius) to modern. Gilgamesh research papers show the Sumerians were a complex and advanced civilization when other human societies struggled in primitive barbarism.

Their greatest contribution to history may be The Epic of Gilgamesh, proof that human beings developed refinement in the arts at the same time they developed writing itself. Some heroes are invited to Buckingham Palace where honours are heaped upon them. Moazzam Begg can expect to be hounded by people with power for the rest of his life.

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