Essay on mines safety

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Essay on mines safety

Homework help Health and Safety in Organizations Health refers to the absence of any form of illness and is the well-being state. The definition can mean so many things, depending on the perspective from which it is looked at. However, the key element in it is that when something is said to be healthy, there must be well-being, and there should be no sign of illness.

Occupational Health and Safety Scholarships from Professional Organizations

In the context of organizations, healthy and safe organizations are those that do not harm employees in any way; and are free from illness. The presence of health in such organizations is demonstrated by the capability of growth that those organizations have; in addition to, the ability of the organization to adapt to different challenges.

The first aspect of health and safety in organizations has to do with occupational health and safety. The ILO states that employers are required to protect their workers from disease, sickness, or injury which may arise from their jobs.

ILO indicates that over two million workers lose their lives each year due to work related diseases and accidents. A staggering million suffer from diseases related to their work; while another million people face accidents related to their work each year.

The accidents are both fatal and non-fatal accidents. To put this into perspective, there is loss of skilled labor, employers facing very high early retirement costs, payment of very high insurance premiums as a result of work-related diseases and accidents.

Nonetheless, these are tragedies that can be prevented if the proper standards are implemented. The other aspect of health and safety in organizations is the provision of good working conditions, which enables employees and the organization to grow.

This means the organization should offer good compensation for the efforts workers put into growing the organizations, and guarantee workers an environment of growth, sustainability, and adaptability. On the other hand, workers are obliged to thrive and excel in training initiatives offered, by the organizations, to promote customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and healthy relations between all stakeholders.Health and Safety in Organizations.

Health refers to the absence of any form of illness and is the well-being state. The definition can mean so many things, depending on the perspective from which it .

UK Essays is a UK-based essay writing company established in We specialise in providing students with high quality essay and dissertation writing services. Employee Safety Importance of Safety One of the most vital investments made in any mining company is to ensure that their people return safe and sound at the end of a day of work.

In the current era of rapid industrial growth, managing the impacts of this growth on the safety and wellbeing of employees is critical.

The traditional mine security system can be effectively replaced by the surveillance and safety system proposed in the paper. This paper gives a system related to safety and security of underground.

Essay on mines safety

Coupled with the Department of Mines and Petroleum that manages and regulates the mining sector, the pressure is on mining companies to abide by the laws set and to have safety checks in place. The department of mines and petroleum maintains a database of any incident, report, injury or otherwise dating back to the ’s.

the Indiana Bureau of Mines and Mine Safety annual Coal Report. This report reflects the activities of the Indiana Bureau of Mines and our partners—Indiana’s coal mine operators and the miners themselves. The Indiana Department of Labor is proud of the hard work put forward.

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