Evolution of hotel industry essay

E-commerce was developed for the business community in the early s to facilitate processing high volume and high value transactions electronically. Subsequently, internet added a prodigious new dimension to e-commerce. Never in the history of mankind has a popular innovation spread as fast as internet.

Evolution of hotel industry essay

Hospitality 13 Comments When did we decide that having a high spec HD television in our hotel room was no longer sufficient for our needs? Is it now essential that it allows guests to also control the heating in the room, message the hotel staff and open the curtains?

Fuelled by technology and the immense power of the Internet of Things IoTconsumer expectations are growing. This is true within every industry and in none more so than the hotel sector.

In an industry where customer expectations for a positive experience run particularly high, technology may just provide the means for overcoming this challenge. Technology for consumers means an easy life and our appetite for this lifestyle is insatiable. With every new app or connected device, we shift the goal posts for the-art-of-the-possible and, in turn, we raise customer expectations.

IoT shows us that we no longer need to manage expectations because technology means anything is possible. High tech hotels A recent report by Oracle Hospitality surveyed almost 3, US and European travellers to better understand the importance of technology for a hotel guest experience and it makes for interesting reading.

To meet the challenge of growing customer expectations, the hospitality industry is turning to technology.

Evolution of hotel industry essay

The impact of word-of-mouth remains very high and should not be underestimated, despite all the clever marketing tactics. Technology to improve efficiencies Back ina PWC report already showed hospitality as the fifth industry with the highest investment in sensors.

High tech hotels

Judging by reports and industry news, this investment today is critical to ensure positive customer experiences.

Automating check-in and check-out In an effort to improve efficiencies, hotels are looking to automate the check-in and check-out process. Mobile hotel check-in and check-outs may well become the norm soon, enabling staff to focus more on guest experiences.

Hotels will need to work hard to strike the right balance between technology and personal interaction. Keyless entry is expected to accelerate over the coming years Unpredictable swipe cards will soon be obsolete, replaced by an app on your smartphone, which will be the key to your bedroom.

The Hilton hotel is leading the charge for keyless entry. Having already introduced the Hilton Digital Key app back inHilton now aims to install keyless entry service in 2, hotels by the end of At some point in the future too, facial recognition software may also be available to unlock guest bedrooms.

Technology to improve efficiencies

Creating a more personal experience Personal data is fast becoming the number one commodity for organisations. With all this data come a wealth of insights, which can help hotel operators deliver a personal touch for every guest.

Just consider, if the hotel knew their guest is a fitness fanatic or had a food allergy. They could offer a free gym pass, or provide a basket of free-from treats upon arrival. How about if the guest could control the temperature and lighting in their room through their smartphone?

Or even set a playlist to start at a specific time? Technology can play a huge role in the effort to make your stay as easy and hassle-free as possible.Once arrived safely at your hotel, and now as a captive audience of your hotel operator, technology can play a key role in setting great, first expectations.

To satisfy growing needs, arriving guests could and perhaps should be given the opportunity to select a specific room. The hospitality industry highlights the latest figures, – percent is the overall proportion in this nation.

In – the number of businesses increased to 3% which contributed to economic contribution in all industries while travel service decreased to 8%.events is the only industry to see an increase 3% in the number of.

Essay about Human Resource Management in Hilton Worldwide; Essay about Human Resource Management in Hilton Worldwide. Words Mar 31st, recruitment and selection, training and development, reward management in the human resource management of hotel industry.

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Evolution of hotel industry essay

. Essay on the History and Evolutions of the Hospitality Industry in India. Article shared by. In India the concept of shelter for travellers is not new. In fact, it is as old as its recorded history.

The historical records are replete with mention of viharas, dharamshalas, sarais, musafirkhanas, etc. the hotel industry developed with the. In , Mr. Oberoi took over the Grand Hotel, Kolkata on lease and gave it a new look and new life.

Mr. Oberoi built a hotel on Gopalpur on sea, in Orissa, Mount Everest in Darjeeling, the Mount View in Chandigarh and the Palace in Srinagar to his chain of hotels. UNIT II VALUE PROPOSITION IN HOTEL INDUSTRY ESSAY BBA docx Columbia Southern University BBA I-3 - Spring UNIT II VALUE PROPOSITION IN HOTEL INDUSTRY ESSAY BBA docx.

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