How to write a brief report of julius caesar

Then Caesar and Pompey got into a big fight.

How to write a brief report of julius caesar

The end of a Man with Unlimited Ambitions Julius Caesar Summary In most cases, people tend to use all the means available to rise to power. People who take power for granted can cause severe problems and manipulate their subjects.

In the ancient Rome, it was harmful for a leader to have much power. Such power could lead to negative outcomes. Julius Caesar is considered as one of the greatest leaders in Rome. His reign marked the beginning of a new era in the Roman society.

Julius Caesar rose through different ranks to become the greatest political figure in Rome.

Julius Caesar - HISTORY

Many people questioned his ability to rise through different political ranks in Rome. The Senate believed that he was becoming too powerful for personal good. In addition, some senators believed he was a threat to the Republican government.

Julius Caesar established himself as a dictator. The senators believed that the man with limited ambition would establish kingship and rise to ultimate power. The assassination of Caesar resulted from his dramatic ability to rise to power.

He was a threat to the Senate, and this informed their decision to eliminate him. In addition, the decision to eliminate Caesar was informed by personal factors. He offended the Senate on different occasions making his death to become inevitable.

The death of Julius Caesar resulted in domino effect which resulted in the fall of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was killed on March 15 44 BC.

His death is known as the Ides of March. Majority of people who plotted for his assassination were Senators. However, he gained a lot of authority and power through his public image. He was born and raised up in a social class known as Patrician.

He acted as populates, and this made him famous among his subjects. His association with the populares who were famous in Rome made him a popular politician. He represented masses of people because of his charismatic leadership characteristics.

Caesar also won several battles. His success in the battles made him advance up in the political ranks. For instance, he won the battle against the Germanic tribe and other remarkable victories in Egypt. One of the significant political moves that contributed to his success was the 3-way partnership.

how to write a brief report of julius caesar

The union was proposed by Caesar to ease the hostility that was rising between Crassus and Pompey. The primary objective of the alliance was to separate the German provinces to enhance their relationship. The bond that Pompey and Caesar shared broke. The Triumvirate alliance came to an end when the Parthian army attacked Crassus.

The formation of Triumvirate was a threat to the Republican government.

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The coalition came to an end the Republican government was transitioning to a monarchy. The fall of the alliance best illustrates the limited ambition of Caesar.

He was a man full of hopes and dreams. However, his ability to rise to political ranks in Rome was a threat to the senators and other individuals in Rome he settled for his elimination.

Caesar also made several mistakes that led to fall of his reign. One of the critical errors he made was his relocation to Gaul. The senators accused him of treason because of the presence of both tribunes who were on his side.

The tribunes also betrayed Caesar by vetoing treason claim on him.Caesar and his followers return, and the scene shifts back to them for a brief exchange. Caesar tells Antony that he thinks Cassius looks like a dangerous man who thinks too much.

Ever confident, however, Caesar says he is just making an observation and that he himself does not fear Cassius.

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In fact, Antony’s final speech has been quite in the same vein of Brutus’ rhetoric that followed Caesar’s murder. This also shows how Antony’s mark of transformation had taken place through the course of . Julius caesar newspaper article assignment, Galactic civ 3 how to assign trade ship home world.

So he set out for Rhodes. Little does Brutus know that Antonys speech will . Julius Caesar Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for Julius Caesar is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Brutus goes home to consider Cassius’s words regarding Caesar’s poor qualifications to rule, while Cassius hatches a plot to draw Brutus into a conspiracy against Caesar.

That night, Rome is plagued with violent weather and a variety of bad omens and portents. The current dictator of Rome, Sulla, was enemies with both Caesar's uncle Marius and Caesar's father in-law Cinna. Caesar joined the army and left Rome in order to avoid Sulla and his allies. When Sulla died, Caesar returned to Rome.

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