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People of mixed British and Indian descent were referred to as " Eurasians ". Terminology has changed, and the latter group are now called "Anglo-Indians", [12] the term that will be used throughout this article. Ina pamphlet entitled "Thoughts on how to better the condition of Indo-Britons" by a "Practical Reformer," was written to promote the removal of prejudices existing in the minds of young Eurasians against engaging in trades. This was followed up by another pamphlet, entitled "An Appeal on behalf of Indo-Britons.

Indian army force essay writer

He defends the honour of his motherland with his life and blood.

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He has to raise superior to his family and his own self. His profession brings out the best in him—chivalry, discipline, team spirit and loyalty. His example serves as a beconlight to others who are tame and cowardly. His life is a source of inspiration to the young of the nation.

He serves the ruling government to the best of his ability. We love the soldier as much as-if not more than-the scholar, the statesmen and poet. The soldier embodies in himself the spirit of youth.

The great and glorious part he played in the I. Now he is a national soldier. There is no hard and fast line between the so- called martial and non-martial races in the Indian army today.

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Wars from the highest quarters. He is the finest specimen of humanity, be a Maratha, a Sikh or a Rajput. He is the best symbol of the secular character of our country. The soldiers in free India helps in many civilian jobs as well as locust-fighting, crop-cutting, bridge building, road making etc.

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The Indian soldier in the British days was a hired mercenary.

indian army force essay writer

Now he is a national soldier. There is no hard and fast line between the so- called martial and non-martial races in the Indian army today. The Indian Armed Forces (Hindi (in IAST): Bhāratīya Saśastra Senāeṃ) are the military forces of the Republic of consists of three professional uniformed services: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air benjaminpohle.comonally, the Indian Armed Forces are supported by the Indian Coast Guard and paramilitary organisations (Assam Rifles, and Special Frontier Force) and various.

The Indian Army has three wings-land forces, navy and air force. The Chiefs of the three forces are directly under the President of India, who is the Supreme Commander of our armed forces. The three wings of the Indian Army need to be strengthened.

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