Knitting project

A scarf, to be precise. And just in time for Spring - erm

Knitting project

I like the dimensionality of the letters but think it will flatten once I do some stuff to it. Firing up the Rowenta even as I write. Some of you asked for a tutorial in duplicate stitch. My favorite instruction in here: This will take practice.

Tips for Successful Duplicate Stitch Think of this as counted cross stitch. This is not needlepoint you crank by the yard.

Choices, choices!

Because the stitches in this logo are stacked vertically or horizontally, the legs of each duplicate stitch pull one way or the other.

At least, that was my experience. Remember that your chart is not an accurate representation of how it will look knitted. Edges will be toothier because each stitch is a V, not a rectangle.

Curves look better when knitted than they do on the chart. I think it would help make it hang well, and it would add an orange frame that would make this thing show up better on our white door at MDK World Headquarters.

What do you think? Having now had the chance to swish the sample around and feel how the yarn behaves, the Sail-Away Shawl is going to be my constant knitting companion for the next little while. Sincere Sheep Cormo Sport is the yarn here.

Knitting project

As they used to say on Friday Night Lightssort of:The first knitting project is very important. It should be easy to complete, useful once done, and fun. I recommend size US 7 or 8 knitting needles, 4 oz. size 4 yarn is a bright color or multicolor (no black), and a goal of making a garter stitch (knit every row) scarf as the first project.

Charity Knitting Project. 9 likes. Thank you all so very much for supporting and sharing this cause. Please donate and help keep kids warm this winter!

Knitting project

Hi. Found Bens Pee Bats yellow duck in a geocache in coppull, lancashire. Lovingly made by Jane. Hes so cute we had to take him home with us.

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It is an honor to carry this long-awaited book, The Vintage Shetland Crawford worked on this epic project for years, painstakingly creating modern knitting patterns for Shetland knitwear from the first half of the twentieth century.

Welcome Barbs Sew and Knits. Barbs Sew and Knits has been assisting customers with all their knitting and sewing needs from the Byron street store since (i.e., scarves, scarves, SCARVES), so seeing either of them always adds to my enjoyment of any knitting project.

Oh, and Kermit is doing a great job. He is as beautiful as always, and his pointing-to-the-product skills are, well, on point!

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