My favourite sportsperson

St Mark's Academy A message from the head St Mark's Church of England Academy offers a commitment to high achievement within a community of care underpinned by Christian value Show MoreLess Ms Khan SENDCO and Teacher of English I love the fact that I work in a diverse school with students and staff that come from a mixture of backgrounds and religions, allowing staff and students a chance to gain more knowledge and understanding of other cultures. Such knowledge is used in lessons to ensure that every student can progress. My favourite subjects are Art and Drama.

My favourite sportsperson

My favourite sportsperson

Coolness under pressure 25 Correct! But would Adolf Hitler have My favourite sportsperson higher or lower?

Bet that surprised you! Dickens trounces Hitler on physical fearlessness and is also cooler under pressure — which makes him more "macho" than Hitler. Hitler, on the other hand, maxes out on narcissism and emotional detachment making him much colder than Dickens.

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All in all a close run thing — but Dickens edges it. How do you think Winston Churchill compares? It's not the first time these two have gone head-to-head! Hitler gives Churchill a real pasting when it comes to narcissism and emotional detachment but Churchill is more physically fearless and cool under pressure.

Churchill actually scores very low on emotional detachment making him as warm as Hitler is cold. Churchill had the moral courage to act tough when he had to. Oscar Wilde was one of the most creative and popular playwrights of the Victorian era - but do his psychopathic traits score higher or lower than Churchill?

Two very warm individuals. Not much to choose between them when it comes to narcissism but Wilde builds up an unassailable lead with his rebelliousness and coolness under pressure scores.

Churchill makes up a bit of ground on physical fearlessness, but not enough. Incidentally, if I were to tell you that one of these two had won the Nobel Prize for literature would you guess it was Queen front-man Freddie Mercury may seem to have a lot in common with him, but in psychopathic terms, does he score higher or lower?

Imagine a night on the town with these two! Freddie matches Oscar in both the narcissism and rebelliousness stakes not surprising for two highly creative artists and both are warm and empathic though Freddie is so low on emotional detachment he just about edges it.

But Oscar streaks ahead on physical fearlessness and coolness under pressure: Freddie might have had a great stage presence but in everyday life he was anything but confident. How do you think another highly creative individual, William Shakespeare, will compare to him?

Freddie and the Bard are pretty much identical when it comes to physical fearlessness and emotional detachment ratings both are warm-hearted scaredy-cats!

But Freddie likes the limelight more and has more of a rebellious streak than Will — who, in contrast, is less easily flustered than Freddie.

A close one this, but it's Freddie by a whisker — though neither will be going to the Psychopath Olympics!

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Do you think that Sir Isaac Newton, the British scientist who discovered gravity and laid the foundations of physics and maths, has psychopathic traits that are higher or lower? Britain's greatest ever writer against, arguably, our greatest ever scientist — and the words 'chalk' and 'cheese' immediately spring to mind!

Both Shakespeare and Newton score very low on physical fearlessness and rebelliousness revolutionaries they most certainly are not! Newton beats Shakespeare on narcissism and emotional detachment he'd beat most people, in fact while Shakespeare does the honours when it comes to coolness under pressure.

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My favourite sportsperson

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My Favourite Sportsperson - Sachin Tendulkar