Questionnaire about student behaviour of smartphone

Smartphone dependence among students: This study explores smartphones' dependence among students through social needs, social influence and convenience and its impact on purchase behaviour. In total, usable responses were gathered with the help of Likert scale questionnaire.

Questionnaire about student behaviour of smartphone

The purpose of this paper is to present the result of a survey on the attitude and behavior of consumers toward the various types of smartphone usages such as application software, e-mail, Internet browsing, ringtones, and other mobile contents. The data were collected through survey questionnaires filled by individual users across the major cities in Malaysia.

The findings indicated that male and young consumers generally are greater target market. In terms of practical contribution, this study provided the overview of mobile contents market opportunities in Malaysia that enables practitioners such as service providers, application developers, and mobile contents marketers to derive effective marketing strategies, and to serve consumers better.


This study also provided exploratory information for the better understanding of the domain, thus enable future research to focus specific problem area. Mobile phone, Consumer behaviours, Market survey, Exploratory Study 1.

Literately, a smartphone is a handheld computer, as it is powerful enough to deliver various functionalities comparable to a computer. The releases of dual-core processors smartphone recently have further reaffirmed this assertion. In other words, smartphones have extended list of information processing functionalities such as managing personal time schedule, accessing Internet contents, editing documents, utilizing location-awareness function, and many other exciting applications.

All these functionalities are delivered through the software installed on the smartphone. It is stressing that the ever increasing importance of mobile software and other mobile contents are solicited by the prevalent of smartphone.

The market opportunities for mobile phone software and mobile contents are huge and attractive. Moreover, it is a global size fair market which not only can be accessed by major players, but also small and agile developers.

The winning factor in this market is to be flexible enough to meet or surpass the requirements of consumers with attractive pricing strategy. Thus, it is important to understand the behavior or attitude of consumers toward particular kind of mobile software.

Thus the purpose of this paper is to examine the attitude of consumers toward different kinds of mobile software ranging from email, games, applications, ringtones, and others. This paper provides an overview of the mobile software market and consumer attitudes in Malaysia. In which this information is particularly valuable for mobile software developers and marketers in shaping their marketing strategies in a more effective manner.

Need Help: Questionnaire for Nokia Vs Samsung | Management Paradise The title of the thesis by Verena Minge, a year-old at Mainz University who is studying German, biology and educational sciences in preparation for a career in teaching, translates as "Put Away Your Mobile Phone Once in a While.

Additionally, this study provides the fundamental information which future works be built on to derive at specific problems. Overview of Methods In order to collect generalizable data to represent the whole population from the samples, questionnaire survey is adopted as a data collection method.

Additionally, questionnaire survey is a common method used in similar researches [2, 4, 5]. This study collects primary data through the questionnaire survey that targets at individual users.

Subsequently, the data collected is analyzed using appropriate non-parametric analysis method and the data is presented in an intuitive and insightful presentation format. Subject and Procedure The data used in this study were collected via both online and offline self-administrated survey.

The data was collected from the publics across the main cities in Malaysia. Publics in main cities are selected as the respondents because they constitute the major propositions of smartphone user in Malaysia. Hence, it implies that the purposive sampling method is adopted in this study. At the end of data collection process, a total of sets of questionnaire have been successfully collected and usable.

Questionnaire about student behaviour of smartphone

By acquiring this large sample size, the data collected is speculated to have a low level of random errors, and the responses should well distributed over all answer categories [6]. Thus the quality of data is considered as fairly good, and suitable for data analysis.

Profile of Respondents Demographic variables indicate the profile of respondents, in which also could be helpful for the understanding the subsequent analysis outcomes.Smartphone | | A smartphone, or smart phone, is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone.[1][2][3] The first smartphones combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) with a mobile phone.

Later models added the functionality of portable media players, low-end compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and . BSP Student Questionnaire Department of Education and raining Psych4Schools BSP Student Questionnaire Page 1. BSP Student Questionnaire. be impacting on the student’s behaviour such as bullying, death of a family member, parent relationship breakdown, transience, trauma.

Dec 21,  · The major objectives of this study were to accomplish the following: (1) test indicators of the reliability and validity of the German version of the Smartphone Addiction Scale for Adolescents (SAS-SV) (Kwon, Kim et al., ); (2) describe smartphone use, smartphone addiction, and the associations between the two; and (3) test demographic and health behaviour-related predictors of .

The structured questionnaire itself was designed so as to make it easy to answer and to cover most of the common research questions. Furthermore, the questionnaire was designed so as to elicit information on both demographic and product. I feel there is social stress when I use my smartphones.

For example, messages, emails, whataapp, Facebook notifications bother me sometimes. Hmm, you are using a very old browser. Preparing surveys for smartphones. If you are not sure whether people will be completing it on a smartphone or at their desk, it can be more challenging.

To convert your own survey, you will need to check the content of the questionnaire yourself, and make changes to the questionnaire properties. (You can change the properties by.

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