Role of women executives in banks

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Role of women executives in banks

What makes women successful in Indian banking industry? Was this the reason that many Indian banks, with better gender equality than their western counterparts, scraped though the economic slowdown unscathed?

ET Bureau Sep 19, Pray, then, would the world economy be on a sounder platform today if these treasure chests were guarded by women managers? Having more women on the boards of companies does help.

Women would moderate risk and would be more balanced," he says. Was this the reason, then, that Indian banks, with better gender equality on board than their western counterparts, scraped though the economic slowdown unscathed?

Prof Wilson nods again. I wish it were not true. According to a study by Standard Chartered Bank about women on corporate boards in India, the financial sector performs best in terms of gender diversity, nine of the eleven banks listed on BSE have a woman on their board and two of these banks have a female CEO.


In fact, through the recent recession, Reserve Bank of India had two women deputy governors on board, Usha Thorat and Shyamala Gopinath. So is the third largest in the private sector, Axis Bank, with Shikha Sharma at its helm. So what is it that makes women so successful in the Indian banking and financial services industry?

In the Indian context, while women have started venturing out to work in the corporate world, they have been handling relationships at home too, as a wife or a mother.

It is more about breaking the mental barrier.

Role of women executives in banks

One of most prominent among them is Kochhar, who joined the bank as a management trainee in and rose through the ranks to become the managing director and chief executive officer. Today, of the eleven top executives working directly under her, three are women.

But she agrees that diversity in a company does help to bring in different perspectives. Women have some amount of empathy towards a customers needs," she says.

The HR policy is structured to benefit all employees, not just women. Most women bankers agree that one of main advantages they had was the support system from their family. There may be numerous cases to belie their observation but for the achievers, family support made all the difference.

Interestingly, today, these women are role models for a number of other women who have the ambition and confidence to make it big in the world of banking. When you see talented women who have become successful leaders, you do get inspired to follow in their footsteps. These women in the world of banking and financial services have given confidence to women to try such corporate jobs," says Ramachandran.The Boston Business Journal features local business news about Boston.

We also provide tools to help business' grow, network and hire. ROLE OF WOMEN EXECTIVE IN BANKS INTRODUCTION Indian Banking system has not only made rapid strides in net work expansion but it itself has undergone a complete and never-dreamt of transformation in its very avowed objectives, approaches, and scale of operations.

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Role of women executive in bank Banking is a profession involving financial intermediation through the creation of a system where surplus and deficit economic units are exchanged.

Bankers are expected to show a thorough knowledge, grasp and understand of their work, must be ethically upright, skilled and disciplined and should not abuse the unique fiduciary position the profession maintains in economic .

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