Shakespeare is unable to present women other than as passive victims essay

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Shakespeare is unable to present women other than as passive victims essay

Yet although the criticism of our time has eroded the tragic quality of Hamlet, one can see latent within that criticism the possibilities of a renewal which might bring the play back to us as tragedy.

The twentieth-century view of the play developed as an antithesis to the view which prevailed in the nineteenth century.

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The new view that one envisages emerges as a synthesis of the two earlier views. I shall argue that this emerging view, though necessarily a product of our own times, could restore to Hamlet something of the tragic quality that may have belonged to the play in its own day.

It is a vision of a noble and generous youth who for reasons quite mysterious to himself is unable to carry out the sacred duty, imposed by divine authority, of punishing an evil man by death.

It is a vision of paralysis and disablement, of ultimate victory bought at a terrible cost. Against this I would set, rather obviously, G. Knight had important predecessors, of course, and he himself radically revised his account of the play. Nevertheless, the essay is central. Knight portrayed the Denmark of Claudius and Gertrude as a healthy, contented, smoothly-running community.

Claudius is clearly an efficient administrator, and he has sensible ideas about not letting memories of the past impede the promise of the future.

Hamlet, by contrast, is a figure of nihilism and death. He has communed with the dead, and been instructed never to let the past be forgotten. Neither side can understand the other. Hamlet, Knight admitted, is in the right.

Shakespeare is unable to present women other than as passive victims essay

And if he had been able to act quickly and cleanly, all might have been well. The question of the relative morality of Hamlet and Claudius reflects the ultimate problem of this play. A great many critics have found an element of evil in the pact between the Ghost and Hamlet. Harold Goddard, in The Meaning of Shakespeare Chicago,said of his ideas about Hamlet that he had been expounding them to students since the days of the First World War.

Claudius, a man who could have been shown the error of his ways. Shakespeare himself disapproved of revenge. You may well say that, formidable though the battle-line of Wilson Knight, Goddard, Knights and Prosser may be, I am representing only one trend of mid-twentieth-century criticism.

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Lewis and Maynard Mack, and many others who cannot be said to share these views? Although there are no beginnings in Hamlet criticism, I trace the movement back to the extraordinary lines of Mallarm, in his essay of on Hamlet and Fortinbras which Joyce brought to our attention in Ulysses, and his more extended view in Crayonn au thtre Ulrici argues, very interestingly, that Hamlet actually forces the issue of the sympathy of divine power and arrogates to himself the role of providence.

Here again he anticipates much modern criticism. I cannot think, however, that the neo-Ulricians have in fact rescued the play of Hamlet from being the rather dismal story of blight which it is in great danger of becoming.

At this point, I should like to summarise the four closely-related areas in which the mid twentieth century most strongly diverged from earlier opinion.

The first is the authority of the Ghost; whether he is an authorised emissary of heaven, or just the spirit of an aggrieved king, or, at the extreme, a false spirit from hell.

The third area is the moral and indeed material condition of Denmark and its court under Claudius. The fourth concerns Hamlet himself, how we judge his actions and behaviour generally; what we think of him as a man.

I personally cannot see a way forward in any discussion of Hamlet that does not take as a point of departure that it is a religious play. What Keats said of King Lear would have fitted Hamlet better: He longs for death, and would take his own life if suicide were not forbidden by divine decree.

It is at this moment that Horatio and Marcellus burst in on him with news of an apparition, seemingly a visitant from beyond the grave in the likeness of his dead father.Shakespeare is unable to present women other than as passive victims or deceivers of She is juxtaposed against these men and we see a clear difference in them; Ophelia speaks much less in this scene, as she hardly gets the chance to express her feelings.

Shakespeare is unable to present women other than as passive victims It could be argued that Shakespeare constructs both Ophelia and Gertrude as weak, powerless and vulnerable in contrast to the powerful men around them. Essay, term paper research paper on College Papers Venice has been portraited by Shakespeare as the ^real^ world.

The other setting is Belmont, a city which houses a rich, happy and sophisticated society of beautiful people. Belm 0. 0.

Shakespeare is unable to present women other than as passive victims essay

College Papers essays / The Lottery. It is non-nutritive because the human body is unable to. Unable to pursue their goals with confidence, most women will be content with attempting something rather than excelling in it ().

Thus, Beauvoir believes that upper-class women inhibit more independent women in their struggle for transcendence.

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