Stephane lafon thesis

This minimization problem can be solved by solving a sparse N X N eigen value problem N being the number of data pointswhose bottom d nonzero eigen vectors provide an orthogonal set of coordinates. Generally the data points are reconstructed from K nearest neighbors, as measured by Euclidean distance. For such an implementation the algorithm has only one free parameter K, which can be chosen by cross validation. Manifold regularization Laplacian Eigenmaps [7] uses spectral techniques to perform dimensionality reduction.

Stephane lafon thesis

Tuesday, April 21, Nadler to these eigenfunctions as the diffusion map. While in high dimensional systems these eigenfunctions are difficult Tuesday, April 21,8: We show that a modified diffusive logistic mapping has exactly either zero, or one, or two pre Sunday, April 19, We also present tools that allow to verify it in a concrete model.

In particular, we verify it in a system which presents the large gap problem.

Stephane lafon thesis

Kevrekidisby considering a family of di usion maps, defined as the embedding of complex high dimensional data onto a low Sunday, April 19,4: We take Saturday, April 18,2: Finally, we introduce two Stephane lafon thesis of ILM that bring out its potential: Two entities are considered in the model, namely, the linear component of the tensor, i.

Closed form expressions of the posterior densities are obtained. Some experiments are also presented for which color-coded images are visually meaningful. Finally, a quantitative measure of regularization is also calculated to validate the achieved results based on an averaged measure of entropy.

The kernels are based on the heat equation on the Riemannian manifold defined by the Fisher information metric associated with a statistical family, and generalize the Gaussian kernel of Euclidean space.

As an important special case, kernels based on the geometry of multinomial families are derived, leading to kernel-based learning algorithms that apply naturally to discrete data.

Bounds on covering numbers and Rademacher averages for the kernels are proved using bounds on the eigenvalues of the Laplacian on Riemannian manifolds. Experimental results are presented for document classification, for which the use of multinomial geometry is natural and well motivated, and improvements are obtained over the standard use of Gaussian or linear kernels, which have been the standard for text classification.

Saturday, April 18,9: Our method is based on anisotropic vector diffusion. The skeleton strength map, calculated from Saturday, April 18,5: Huang environment map to render diffuse objects with different surface reflectance properties.

This method has Saturday, April 18,4: Laidlaw of the integral surface perpendicular to the direction of slowest diffusion. Colors are mapped to the surfaces Saturday, April 18,3: Milstein, Seungseok Oh, Kevin J.

Bouman, Quan Zhang, David A. Hasan, Konstantinos Arfanakis, M.

Stephane lafon thesis

Elizabeth Meyer, Andrew L. Olver, Guillermo Sapiro, Allen Tannenbaum -space obtained by curvature based motion of the image level-sets. In this case, affine invariant maps are derived Friday, April 17,5: This algorithm takes Friday, April 17,8: Allebach We present a clustered minority pixel error diffusion halftoning algorithm for which the quantizer Friday, April 17,7: Bloch to fascicle tracking in a direction map inferred from diffusion data.

This algorithm takes into account fan Friday, April 17,1: They are based on the numerical solution of a nonlinear diffusion problem where a noisy Thursday, April 16, Clark, Denis Le Bihan, I.

Thursday, April 16,4: In this paper, we propose a novel transformation theorem called the segmented diffusion theorem, an extension Thursday, April 16,3: Andrew Segall, Scott T.

Katsaggelos with anisotropic diffusion, an adaptive nonlinear filter implemented by partial differential equations PDEs Thursday, April 16, Bloch We propose a new way for tracking brain white matter fiber bundles in diffusion tensor maps Thursday, April 16, Bloch, Denis Le bihan, J.

Mangin from such diffusion data.


The usual fascicle tracking idea, which consists of following locally Thursday, April 16, Harris propagation in these computations.Request PDF on ResearchGate | Diffusion maps | In this paper, we provide a framework based upon diffusion processes for finding meaningful geometric descriptions of data sets.

Matlab code for Laplacian Eigenmaps can be found in algorithms and the PhD thesis of Belkin can be found at the Ohio State University.

[26] In classification applications, low dimension manifolds can be used to model data classes which can be defined from sets of observed instances.

Stephane Lafon's 22 research works with 3, citations and 2, reads, including: Interactive geo-referenced source imagery viewing system and method. The Players' Guild of Hamilton has been involved in local community theatre for years, making the Guild the oldest community theatre group in North America.

Having . Note if anything has been removed from thesis. Illustrations p3, 4, 16, 17, 19, 27, 86, Appendix III (published paper) When referring to this work, the full bibliographic d etails must be given as follows: Lafon, T.

() Biotic pump of atmospheric moisture: A . by Boaz Nadler, Stephane Lafon, Ronald Coifman, Ioannis G.

Kevrekidis Spectral embedding and spectral clustering are common methods for non-linear dimensionality reduction and clustering of complex high dimensional datasets.

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