The old gringo

Plot[ edit ] American schoolteacher Harriet Winslow Jane Fonda goes to Mexico to work as a governess for the Miranda family, and becomes caught up in the Mexican revolution. Mexicans transporting her from Chihuahuasecretly soldiers of Pancho Villa 's army, use her luggage to smuggle weapons to the servants at the Miranda hacienda. During the attack, a sardonic "Old Gringo", American author Ambrose Bierce Gregory Peckjoins the fighting on the side of the revolutionaries; he operates a railway switch that sends a railroad flatcar laden with explosives to its target.

The old gringo

In this novel, he goes as an old man to Mexico, with his ultimate goal of dying there. Although he has his writer's credential, he seeks out a revolutionists' encampment in Chihuahua in order to join the army, rather than just reporting the story, like other Americans who went to Mexico at the same time.

He agrees to fight for Tomas Arroyo the antagonist in this bookwho was raised as a peon on a Mexican hacienda. Arroyo has papers in his possession - which he cannot read, being illiterate - that prove to him that centuries earlier the King of Spain had actually given the land to his people and not the rich family that's controlled it for so many years.

The old gringo

Arroyo leads his ragtag soldiers to the Miranda hacienda. The hacienda owner and his family have fled, leaving behind Harriet Winslow, a tutor hired to teach the owner's children. Click here to see the rest of this review This story is in part about politics and revolution.

But it is also about the relationships that develop between Bierce, Arroyo, and Winston. Winston and Arroyo have a torrid relationship.

There are a couple of graphic descriptions of their sex. At the same time, Bierce falls in love with Winston who in turn comes to love him as a father.

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This book is sometimes very hard to follow but the relationships in it are interesting and Fuentes lets you understand the Mexican Revolution in a way history books cannot.a gringo is just a north american or anglo-saxon.

it is usually a white person but doesnt have to be. it isnt a hateful term but it can be used hatefully. it also represents .

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