Write a book review about robinson crusoe

Run away to sea at last! Mum and Dad didn't want me to go but honestly, what's the worst that can happen? So far I'm loving life on the ocean wave and have only been a little bit sea sick. Anyway it's Bye bye Hull, hello Honolulu!

Write a book review about robinson crusoe

Daniel Defoe dramatizes such an experience in "Robinson Crusoe", a story inspired by the story of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor who went to sea in Sentenced to be marooned by his shipmates, Selkirk requested that he be put ashore on Juan Fernandez, where he remained until he was rescued five years later by Woodes Rogers in There has been some speculation that Defoe may have actually interviewed Selkirk while researching the story, but many historians have long debated this.

In his lifetime, Defoe published more than books, pamphlets, articles, and poems. Unfortunately, none of his literary endeavors ever brought him much financial success or stability. His occupations ranged from spying and embezzling to soldiering and pamphleteering.

He had started out as a merchant, but he soon found himself bankrupt, which led him to choose other occupations. His political passions, his flare for libel, and his inability to stay out of debt also caused him to be imprisoned seven times.

He influenced the development of the English novel, with his journalistic detail and characterization. At the time of its publication, in"Robinson Crusoe" was a success. Defoe was 60 when he wrote this first novel; and he would write seven more in the years to come, including "Moll Flanders""Captain Singleton""Colonel Jack"and "Roxana" The story is about a man who is stranded on a desert island for 28 years.

The book contains adventure of all sorts: Elements of the story of Job also appear in the story, when in his illness, Robinson cries out for deliverance: What have I done to be thus used?

Robinson Book Review

Robinson finally makes his escape when a ship of mutineers sail to the island. He and his companions help the British captain to take back control of he ship. He sets sail for England on December 19, after spending 28 years, 2 months, and 19 days on the island.

He arrives back in England, after being gone for 35 years, and finds that he is a wealthy man. Loneliness and the Human Experience "Robinson Crusoe" is the tale of a lonely human being who manages to survive for years by learning to overcome his own shortcomings and appreciate the struggle for life on a completely different perspective.

Defoe followed up the tale with his own sequel, "The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe," but that tale was not met with a much success as the first novel.

In any case, the figure of Robinson Crusoe has become an important archetypal figure in literature--Robinson Crusoe was described by Samuel T. Coleridge as "the universal man.Robinson Crusoe is an adventure novel that is enormously popular particularly among young readers.

The parts of the story dealing with ship wreckage, mutiny, pirates and cannibals will surely fascinate the young and old alike. Robinson Crusoe is a classic adventure written by Daniel Defoe. Published about three hundred years ago (). Robinson Crusoe is an adventure that is hard to put down, once you start reading it.

write a book review about robinson crusoe

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe –review ‘I enjoyed this book because you didn’t know what was going to happen. The way the words are put into the story give it a more thrilling feel.

This book is about a boy, called Robinson Crusoe, who was born in York in One day, at Hull, Crusoe saw one of his companions board a ship bound for London.

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Robinson Crusoe did the same as. Over the years, Robinson Crusoe has become my best-loved novel. I feel happy when I see it on a shelf, on a bus, in somebody's hand, even my own, old copy now on the desk, a beautifully. "Robinson Crusoe" is the tale of a lonely human being who manages to survive for years by learning to overcome his own shortcomings and appreciate the struggle for life on a completely different perspective.

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