Write a tcp based echo server and client

Your standard input is then sent to the host, and anything that comes back across the connection is sent to your standard output. This continues indefinitely, until the network side of the connection shuts down.

Write a tcp based echo server and client

This example focus on making a program on the UR robot that receives data from an external host e. For this purpose a TCP socket connection over Ethernet will be used.

write a tcp based echo server and client

I this case the socket connection is setup to receive 3 real data floats from the host. The illustrations below shows the starting position of the robot and the intended target position.

Notice the object is rotated 45 degrees and therefore the data send to the robot will reflect that belo in the response from the host. Here the host will be a program running on a PC, but it could as well have been a Vision camera replying with the data cordinates for the object. It is important to understand the X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz representation in relation to the robot and this article describes some of this: Starting Pose — Notice where the Robotiq electrical gripper cable come out is the X direction and Y direction is towards the robot.

Intended target position for the robot — Notice the target object is rotated 45 degree. This pose is mm offset to starting position in X direction and 50mm in Y direction and turned 45 degrees. The UR robot is setup with the IP address of In this case there will be a PC with the IP address of And the robot is moving to is idle position which is Waypoint 1.

In the main program the program check if the was a ready Server to connect to. If not the Loop will just keep looping until there is a Server with an active port. In this case the robot which is the client closes the socket connection, but it could also be left open if the server can handle that properly.

When the robot receives the list of data — the list actually contains 4 elements for example [3,50, 45]. The first element represents the number of data received — in this case 3 as expected and the there data are50, Therefore it is possible to check whether any data was received — so in this case it is checked that the first element of the list in variable 2 is different than 0 which means data has been received.

Host program in Python code. A Server must be active to reply data to the robot and in this case a small Python server program is used. This example below is a Server that listen for incomming requests.

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The server runs on a PC with the IP addreess These data is the offset the target item is away from the idle position of the robot.

When this robot program is executed and the server is active and responding with data — these data can be observed in the Variables tab as shown on the illustration below. And the robot moves to the offset position mm X, 50mm Y and turn the head 45 degrees.

These data could as well has been from a vision camera.

write a tcp based echo server and client

It is also possible to reference to a new plane created in the Features menu under installation. In this way a new plane coordinate system is the reference. It is also possible to send the position data over to the host via Client-Server connection.

The Polyscope program is modified to read the pose position and read the joint positions — and then send these variables over to the host.

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The python code on the host is also modified to read and print the data for the pose and joint positions.Home automation bridge that emulates a Philips Hue light system and can control other systems such as a Vera, Harmony Hub, Nest, MiLight bulbs or any other system that has an http/https/tcp/udp interface.

# console 1 $ openssl genrsa -out benjaminpohle.com $ openssl req -x -new -nodes -key benjaminpohle.com -days out benjaminpohle.com $ python3 benjaminpohle.com # console 2 $ openssl s_client -connect localhost Hello SSL Hello SSL read:errno = 0.

The C10K problem [Help save the best Linux news source on the web -- subscribe to Linux Weekly News!It's time for web servers to handle ten thousand clients simultaneously, don't you think? After all, the web is a big place now. A network socket is an internal endpoint for sending or receiving data within a node on a computer benjaminpohle.comtely, it is a representation of this endpoint in networking software (protocol stack), such as an entry in a table (listing communication protocol, destination, status, etc.), and is a form of system benjaminpohle.com term socket is analogous to .

Abstract This document provides guidance and an overview to high level general features and updates for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 3 (SP3). Besides architecture or product-specific information, it also describes the capabilities and limitations of SLES 11 SP3.

General documentation may be found at. Netcat ===== /\_/\ / 0 0 \ Netcat is a simple Unix utility which reads and writes data ====v==== across network connections, using TCP or UDP protocol.

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