Writing a voided check

Many employers require a voided check for direct deposit. Some agencies require it to verify your identity. Other places use it to automatically debit your account for monthly services, making payment convenient.

Writing a voided check

Check new design of our homepage! How to Void a Check While making check transactions, it is important to know how to write a check correctly. But in case of a mistake, you should also know the right way to void a check. This WealthHow article will show you just that. WealthHow Staff Humans are known to make mistakes.

All of us have our times, when we do make some blunders. One of the most common mistake is to make an error while writing a check. If there is a mistake in writing a check, the recipient in all possibility will not be able to withdraw the said amount. In such a case, you will have to declare the check invalid, and write a new check for the person.

But the question now arises, what does one do with the erroneous check. Here are some steps to invalidate a wrongly written check, blank check, lost check, and cashier's check. Half-written Check You can use any one of the following options depending on how much of the check remains to be written.

writing a voided check

If the amount is not yet filled, write 'void' in the amount box located on the check. This will ensure that the check is not cashed, as the teller will not make the payment when the word void is written in the amount box.

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To rule out the possibility of your signature been forged on the check, the word 'void' can be written across the signature line. Writing the word will make the check useless and forgery can be prevented. You can choose to write 'void' across the center of the check in bold letters, so that it is visible immediately to the teller.

The other option is to write 'void', where the amount is filled up, where cross verification of the amount is done.

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For added precaution, writing void across the back of the check will nullify the check and any kind of forgery will be prevented. Blank Check There can be numerous reasons why we have a blank check with us on person. May be you had decided to give someone a check, and hence, had signed the check.

But now, you have decided against it. Obviously knowing how to invalidate a blank check is necessary in such a case. If the signature has been made, but the payee line is not filled, write 'void' on the payee line.

You can choose to write 'void' across the center of the check in bold letters, so that it is visible immediately to the teller. The other option is to write 'void', where the amount is filled up, where cross verification of the amount is done. ezCheckPrinting is the easy-to-use business version MICR and laser check writing and check printing software. This check printing software works with any standard blank check stock and preprinted check with /2" X 11" size. A voided check may be requested by an employer for direct deposit set up or creditor for direct benjaminpohle.com organizations need the information on the check, but not an actual payment from it. A check may also need to be voided for errors in dates, payee information or amounts.

Writing 'void' in the amount box will also nullify the check. Likewise you can write 'void' on the signature line. Similarly 'void' can also be written on the back of the check.Paper check destroyed by biller when substitute check is created or voided and returned to consumer Traditional Method: This manual process still exists but is now a rare practice.

It’s performed entirely via postal mail, which explains why clearing can take several days through this method.

check, you simply deduct the amount due from your bank account. To sign up for DIRECT DEBIT service, simply complete this order form, include a voided check imprinted with your name and address and send it to Utility Customer.

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You will need to provide the check number, amount of the check, the date the check cleared your account, and the account number. You can order a photocopy of a check that is up to seven years old. Please allow up to ten business days for delivery.

May 04,  · Write void on an unused check and attach to set up direct deposit for your paycheck or another regular use a black pen marker write in large letters submit voided. Write the word "VOID" in large, bold letters across the front of the check.


Take up most of the space on the check face to write void. Do not sign the check or make any other marks. Another time you’ll need to know how to write a void check is when you’re filling out a check and make a mistake.

If no one ever taught you how to write a void check, you’re in .

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