Writing alphabet in mirror image

Child Development I got a call from a close friend today. She was very irritated as her 5. She was visibly upset as her daughter otherwise has a very neat handwriting which is far better than handwriting of children of her age. All this confused my friend.

Writing alphabet in mirror image

Messenger In recent studies we have been investigating mirror writing by typical 4- to 6-year-old children. The term is used because the characters — numbers and capital letters — are reversed, yet are correct when looked at in a mirror. In the case of standard writing, the mirror must be placed to the right or to the left, perpendicular to the horizontal plane of writing.

There can also be vertical mirror writing, which look correct if we look at them in a mirror placed below writing alphabet in mirror image above. At first one might think that children, who often sit face-to-face in kindergarten, reverse the characters because they see them on the sheet of the child who faces them.

But this is not so because such an origin of reversal would lead children to double mirror writing — reversed both horizontally and vertically see Figure 1. Mirror-written French-style numbers digits except 0 and 8.

The American linguist Noam Chomsky has essentially used such an argument — that children make sentences they have never heard nor read, of course — to support the notion that language is innate. On the contrary, we will see here how the horizontal mirror writing of the characters is explained by the culture, within the constraints imposed by the cerebral processing.

Mirror writing of their name by two right-handed children, aged 5 years, 5 months and 5 years, 7 months spontaneously, but under some spatial constraints. Author provided Mirror writing entered the scientific literature with an article of the German neurologist Alfred Buchwald in in German, mirror writing is called Spiegelschriftbut over the following years the explanations for the phenomenon were not only insufficient but also often wrong.


For a long time, this dominant discourse was supported by the observation of left-handed children writing reverse characters, their names or even whole words and sentences. Thus throughout the 20th century, scientific journals have published mirror writing almost exclusively produced by left-handed children.

Even today, left-handedness is often the favourite explanation of teachers when children produce mirror writing. Cerebral and behavioural components The explanation we find for the phenomenon of mirror writing of characters works on two successive levels, the first cerebral and the second behavioural.

The cerebral level was long been limited to the simplistic theory by Samuel Orton that one of the cerebral hemispheres usually the left would correctly represent the letters while the other would represent them in mirror.

More recently, however, it has been shown that the brain eliminates orientation left or right when storing images, a process called symmetrisation or mirror generalization.

Given the features of the process — horizontal mirror in the visual modality — it is important to note that the initial implicit learning of the form of the characters by the children is mainly visual, and that the children produce almost exclusively horizontal mirror writing.

At the behavioural level, when children write the characters from memory, they must give them an orientation. In countries whose primary languages are written in Latin characters — written from left to right — children most often point them toward the right.

This leads them to reverse mainly the left-oriented characters: J, Z, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 9 will be considerably more reversed than other characters see Figure 3.

writing alphabet in mirror image

This suggests that children usually orient characters in the direction of their writing.What is Mirror Writing –At times a child can form exactly reverse image of an alphabet, a number or a word.

This image will be such that if we hold it in front of a mirror it can be read normally.

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This image will be such that if we hold it in front of a mirror it can be read normally. Mirror Your Text Translator Tries to use weird unicode characters to mirror your text like da Vinci's handwriting.

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Sep 15,  · Child writing in mirror image? Mirror Image Of Alphabets. Source(s): benjaminpohle.com phennicie · 2 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. This is a talent as long as there is no visible abnormality in your child.

writing alphabet in mirror image

I can also write mirror images at a speaking speed. I am happy with that and sometimes amuse people with benjaminpohle.com: Resolved. This is sometimes referred to as “mirror writing.” It’s different from transposing letters, which means switching the order of letters.

The most common letter reversal is b and d, . Investigate mirror images with alphabet letters! In order to experiment with mirror images, distortion, and reflection, class members use small mirrors and place them over and near the alphabet letters . Mirror Images of Letters Created by Kids While Writing Mirror image of letters created by kids is a cause of concern for many parents.

Have a quick look at the causes for mirror writing in kids and tips for dealing with benjaminpohle.coming words, sentences and letters in opposite or reverse direction is called mirror writing.

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